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​Course Overview

  • Nowadays, Espresso machines are becoming more and more popular at Vietnamese coffee shops not only by its speed and convenience but also by the uniformity of coffee quality in comparison with traditional hand-brewing methods.

  • At the same time, with the 3rd wave of coffee spreading around the world, customers are gradually paying more attention to the rich taste of a cup of coffee. 

  • These require barista to enhance their knowledge about flavor, extraction principles, and skills to use the standard machine. 

  • The Barista Foundation Course - Basic Barista Skills is designed based on the Specialty Coffee Association curriculum - a complete course for those who wish to professionally master the bar. 

  • At D’codeS, students are not trained to obtain the number of beverage recipes – but to  gain the principles and core of the problems. After the course, our students can adapt and identify with every extraction standard of each coffee shop, so they can confidently apply for barista positions in the market.

​Course Outline

(3 hours per class, 5 lessons in total.)

Lesson 1

  • Classification of popular coffee varieties.

  • Tasting different coffee varieties.

  • An overview of the factors that influence the espresso extraction

  • Basic steps to make Espresso

Lesson 2

  • Espresso tasting                                All types of modern Italian coffee are made of  Espresso base. Therefore, it’s necessary for students to focus on creating this as the best ingredient ).     

  • Calibrating Espresso extraction following the Specialty Coffee Association's standards. 

Lesson 3

  • Notes on milk usage in cafés. Examining and identifying milk standards.

  • Milk classification.

  • Milk frothing techniques.

  • Distinguish between Latte and Cappuccino.

Lesson 4

  • Basic Latte Art (heart shape)

  • Building a modern Italian coffee menu from espresso.

Lesson 5

  •  Barista's roles in bars and cafes.

  • Note on bar management and operation.

  • Knowledge synthesis and test.                ( After the course, students are allowed to return to practice unlimited  at D’codes without charge apart from coffee ingredients ).

​Course Benefits

  • Gaining basic knowledge about coffee. 

  •  Understanding the working process with grinders, mixers, and other bar tools.

  • Making an espresso cup following the Specialty Coffee Association's standards.

  •  Understanding the role of Barista in cafes and notes when working in the bar.


After Our Course

After you pass all the exam, you will be provided:

  • D'codeS Attendance Certificate

  • SCA Barista Skill Foundation (optional and includes extra fee)

  • Convert credits to Intermediate Course

​Course Schedule

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