​Course Overview

This is the starting course for the majority of people who want to start the career with barista, coffee lovers, coffee owners or home barista. You will be trained on understanding of basic operation and calibration of coffee bar & equipment and developing barista skills to be able to handle daily practical especially espresso extraction with calibration skills.

​This 5 days course which combines with class lecture, a lot of practical to operate equipment & machines to be able to handle daily job tasks. And you are not required the previous experiences, just a passion to coffee and desire to learn.

​Course Outline

(3 hours per class, 5 lessons in total.)

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to barista career

  • Basic coffee knowledge

  • Machine equipment maintenance & operate

Lesson 2

  • Basic espresso calibration

  • Simple espresso sensory

Lesson 3

  • Basic milk techniques

Lesson 4

  • Basic espresso base menu

Lesson 5

  • Practical & written exam

​Course Benefits

  • Establishing the basic coffee knowledges- comprehensive overview of how coffee is grown, processed and traded

  • Knowing the basic principles of operation and maintenance of coffee machines and equipments

  • Catching the espresso preparation techniques as dosing, distributing and tamping.

  • ​Having a clear definition of basic espresso calibration, simple espresso sensory and building espresso recipes/menus

After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be awarded:

D'codeS Attendance Certificate

SCA Barista Skill Foundation (optional and extra fee)

Rebate credit transfer into Essential Course

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