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Course Overview
  • D'codeS barista professional orientation is based on SCA & UCEI guidelines.

  • You will learn basic knowledge of coffee bean such as varieties, green coffee bean & coffee roasting condition) with the aim of implementing practical skills, for example, coffee machine, menu, calibration and customer service, for instance, cleaning or maintenance.

  • During the entire course, you will have enough time to gain both basic and occupational barista skills.

Course Outline
(6 hours per day, 4 days in total.)

Day 1

  • Foundation Of Coffee

    • Knowledge about coffee varieties.

    • Preliminary coffee beans processing method.

    • Storage condition of roasted coffee beans.

    • The importance of freshness and preparation of coffee.

  • Bar & Workflow

    • Basic principle of workspace management

    • Workflow planning

    • Hygiene & maintenance

  • Know Your Tools

    • Coffee Machine & Grinder

    • Other tools which support for your work

Day 2

  • Grinding, Dosing & Tamping

    • Accurate procedure for quantitative preparation before extraction

    • Influence from mistakes in each step

    • Importance of calibration

  • Espresso Extraction & Sensory

    • Extraction theory

    • Espresso brew formula & brew ratio

    • Espresso flavor description

Day 3

  • Milk Technique

    • Understanding of the science of milk

    • Proper frothing technique

    • Milk hygiene & safety

  • Barista Menu

    • Understanding of espresso drinks in general

    • How to prepare drinks in the right order

    • How to serve coffee in the right amount & method

  • Hygiene & Safety

    • Risk related to hygiene & safety

    • Risk management

Day 4

  • Customer Service

    • Role of barista

    • Principles of customer service 

    • Service recovery & complaint handling manaement

  • Exam & Discussion

    • ​Practical exam​

    • Written Exam

    • Discussion and conclusion

Course Benefits
  • Knowing how to make the perfect coffee related to full body, magnificent aroma, well-established cream and consistent presentation

  • Acquaring the knowledges of frothing milk techniques, science of steaming milk, latte art basic

  • Building coffee recipe/menu

  • Understanding of operating process of Espresso machines espresso bar work flow

  • Knowing how to store the coffee beans, clean the work area and implement customer service

After Class

After  passing all the exams, you will be provided with:

  • Certificate of Attendance D'codeS course

  • Certificate of Intermediate Barista Skill (on request and at an additional cost)

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