Nowadays, Espresso machines are becoming more and more popular at coffee shops in Vietnam. Not only by its speed and convenience but also by the uniformity of coffee quality compared to traditional hand-brewing methods. At the same time, with the 3rd wave of coffee spreading around the world, customers are gradually paying more attention to the rich taste of a cup of coffee. These require the barista to enhance knowledge about flavor, extraction principles, and skills to use the standard machine. The Barista Fundamental Course - Basic Barista Skills is designed based on the Specialty Coffee Association curriculum - a complete course for those wishing to master the bar professionally. In D’codeS, students are not trained according to the number of beverage recipes - but trained to understand the principles and nature of the problem. After the course, students can understand and adapt to all the extraction standards of each coffee shop - from which they can confidently apply for the Barista position in the market.



This is the starting course for the majority of people who want to start the career with barista, coffee lovers, coffee owners or home barista. 

This is the advanced course that suits to coffee  shop owner or anyone intending to open cafe, head barista, cafe manager, experience barista. 

- If you are new, don’t worry! you totally can join this course.

- If you love to join Essential  level but limited budget, you can choose to join Fundamental level first, and then, upgrade to Essentials level by only pay the amount difference  between 2 courses. 


Understanding of basic operation and calibration of coffee bar & equipment and developing barista skills to be able to handle daily practical especially espresso extraction with calibration skills.


- Knowing how to make the perfect coffee related to full body, magnificent aroma, well-established cream and consistent presentation

- Catching up the knowledges of frothing milk techniques, science of steaming milk, latte art basic

- Building coffee recipe/menu

- Perceiving espresso bar work flow

- Coffee bean storage as well as hygiene and customer service


Duration: 5 sessions (each session 3 hours) 


Duration: 4 full days (from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Session 1

  • Classification of popular coffee varieties.

  • Tasting coffee with different coffee varieties.

  • Overview of the factors affecting the espresso extraction

  • Basic steps to make Espresso

Session 2

  • Espresso tasting                       

  • * All drinks in the modern Italian coffee menu are constituted of an Espresso based. Therefore, students need to focus on creating the best raw materials.

  • Calibrate Espresso extraction according to the standards of Specialty Coffee Association.

Session 3

  • Notes on using milk in cafés. Examining milk standards.

  • Classification of milk

  • Milk frothing techniques.

  • Distinguish Latte and Cappuccino.

Day 1

  • Foundation Of Coffee

    • Know the bean variety

    • Coffee bean processing method

    • Condition of bean storage (roasted)

    • Important of coffee freshness & preparation

  • Bar & Workflow

    • Basic principle of workspace management

    • Workflow planning

    • Hygiene & maintenance

  • Know Your Tools

    • Coffee Machine & Grinder

    • Other tools which support for your work

Day 2

  • Grinding, Dosing & Tamping

    • Correct step to prepare dose before extract

    • Impact of mistake in every step

    • Important of calibration

  • Espresso Extraction & Sensory

    • Extraction theory

    • Espresso brew formula & brew ratio

    • Espresso flavor description

Session 4

  • Basic Latte Art (heart shape)

  • Built a modern Italian coffee menu from espresso.

Session 5

  •  The role of Barista in bars and cafes.

  • Note in management and operation in the bar.

  • Synthesize knowledge and test.              * After the course, students are allowed to return to practice unlimited at D’codeS - Students bring their materials for practice.

Day 3

  • Milk Technique

    • Know about the science of milk

    • Proper frothing technique

    • Milk hygiene & safety

  • Barista Menu

    • Understand about overall espresso beverage

    • How to prepare beverage in order

    • Coffee serving in right volume & method

  • Hygiene & Safety

    • Risk related to hygiene & safety

    • Managing risk

Day 4

  • Customer Service

    • Role of barista

    • Principle of customer service

    • Service recovery & complaint handling

  • Exam & Conclusion​

    • ​Practical exam​

    • Written Exam

    • Discussion and conclude


  • Certificate of Attendance by D'codeS

  • SCA Barista Foundation (extra fees)



  • Certificate of Attendance by D'codeS

  • SCA Barista Intermediate (extra fees)


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