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  • Even though espresso machines and espresso-based beverages in modern Italian coffee menu are gaining popularity, hand-made coffee extraction with hand-brewed utensils has always got a foothold in the market.

  • Coffee itself has a long story with its existence in many different countries in the world. In every destination, people have been creating their own brewing methods in order to make their one-of-a-kind coffee flavor. For instance, Vietnamese people have PHIN, the French have French Press and Italian have Moka pot, etc. 

  • Our Brewing Foundation Course provides  for trainees with coffee extraction skills with hand tools.  Both physical and scientific knowledge of the extraction process with each method will be shown during the course. Besides,   different methods such as Aeropress, V60, Chemex, Syphon, Turkish, French Press, Moka Pot and traditional Vietnamese Phin will also be introduced with the aim of assisting trainees to differentiate from one method to another as well as practice brewing coffee by diverse ways. 

  • Currently there have been many videos or tutorial clips on Youtube which show the way of making coffee with different brewing methods. However, coffee itself  always keeps changing by various factors such as plant varieties, processing methods, roasting, temperature, humidity, time ...  Many learners have make efforts to follow these videos on Youtube, however, the results seem to be not as good as expected. 

  • The Brewing Foundation Course at D'codeS with interactive commentary - face-to-face discussions will help students understand the core of the problems, thereby owning the ability to customize the learners' desired taste without depending on any recipe  from any video clips. The course is suitable for everyone, as long as you have a love for coffee, or simply want to learn by systematizing easy barista skills applied either at home or  when going out.

​Course Outline

(3 hours per lesson, 5 lesons in total)

Lesson 1

  • Basic extraction principle

  • Factors affecting the manual coffee brewing process

  • Classification of manual brewing methods

Lesson 2

  • Principles of ‘Gravity’ brewing method.

  • Coffee brewing with V60, Bonmac, Chemex.
    Practices and discussion

Lesson 3

  • Principles of ‘Immersion’ brewing method.

  • Coffee brewing with Aeropress, French Press, Cold Brew.
    Practices and discussion

Lesson 4

  • Principles of other brewing methods.

  • The art of using Moka Pot, Syphon, và Turkish.
    Practices and discussion

Lesson 5

  • Course summary and test.

  •  After the course, students are allowed to return to practice unlimited at D’codeS - Students actively bring their own materials for practice.

​Course Benefits

  • Learn to get a better understanding of the basic extraction process and methods to brew with different equipment including Vietnamese traditional PHIN coffee.

  • ​​Learn about the relationship of extraction and water flow rate and temperature to understand basic control of coffee extraction.

  • Know the impact of the grinder and the grinder size on the quality of the coffee used to extract


After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be provided:

  • D'codeS Attendance Certificate

  • SCA Brewing Foundation Certificate (optional and includes extra fee)

  • Convert credits to Intermediate Course

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