​Course Overview

The brewing step in coffee preparation sound like easy but hardly to catch up because some minor mistakes can drastically ruin the taste and quality of the finished pot and ultimately all the work that was invested into it. The course at fundamental level will explain you the body of knowledge in truly understanding the physics and science behind coffee brewing.  This 15 hours course which combines with class lecture, a lot of practical to learn about coffee brewing methods & equipment, including Vietnamese traditional PHIN filter.

This course is suitable for coffee lovers, home barista or barista who is currently working in coffee area.

​Course Outline

(3 hours per lesson, 5 lesons in total)

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to brewing

  • Understand about brewing process

  • Extraction vs strength

Lesson 2

  • Grinder & grind sizes

  • Learning immersion tools

Lesson 3

  • Learning gravity tools

  • Focus on PHIN filter extraction

Lesson 4

  • Learning gravity tools

  • Learning pressure tools

Lesson 5

  • Practical & written exam

​Course Benefits

  • Learning to get a better understanding of the basic extraction process and methods to brew with different equipment including Vietnamese traditional PHIN coffee.

  • ​​Learning about the relationship of extraction & strength to understand the basic control of coffee extraction.

  • Knowing the impact of the grinder and the grinding speed size to the coffee quality

After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be awarded:

D'codeS Attendance Certificate

SCA Brewing Foundation (optional and extra fee)

Rebate credit transfer into Essential Course

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