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​Course Overview

  • The brewing & extraction education by D'codeS is based on SCA guidelines

  • This course covers essential skill and knowledge  you to have a better understanding about all the factors that affect your extraction in order to give you ideas and solutions which help your business to achieve consistency in quality. 

  • You will learn the basics of coffee (variety & seed to cup), learn about the brewing process (what happens during the extraction), and instructions on grinding & grinding. This course will contain more practical knowledge compared to other modules.

  • The course will help you to troubleshoot problems in your business and improve the consistency of product delivery within your business.

​Course Outline

(6 hours per day, 4 days in total.)

Day 1

  • Coffee Knowledge

    • Introduction to coffee

    • Coffee variety

    • From seed to cup

  • Brewing Research History

  • Brewing Process

    • Soluble solid in coffee

    • How the brewing process takes place & takes control

    • The ideal range of extraction

    • Strength and extraction

Day 3

  • Brewing Guideline

    • Brewing ratio

    • Grind size

    • Time, turbulence, temperature

  • Other Aspect Of Brewing

    • Water quality

    • Filter method

    • Pressure

    • Storage of bean

    • Hot holding

    • Cleaning & maintenance

Day 2

  • Brewing method & equipment

    • Different brewing methods

    • Different brewing equipments

Day 4

  • Charting your brew

    • How to measuring the brew

  • Other aspects of brewing

    • Roasting

  • Exam​

    • Practical exam​

    • Written exam

    • Discussion & conclusion

​Course Benefits

  • Assisting you with the necessary tools and information to gain a deeper knowledges of coffee brewing and extraction.

  • Learning how to scientifically measure coffee strength and chart a coffee brewing as well as coffee extraction

  • Learning how to analyze both brewed coffee and espresso, chart extraction and troubleshoot the brew to deliver a correctly extracted, well-balanced cup

  • Receiving a packet of information including detailed notes, brewing menus, and home brewing equipment advice and suggestions


After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be provided with

  • D'codeS Attendance Certificate

  • Brewing Foundation Certificate (optional and includes extra fee)

  • Brewing Intermediate Certificate (optional and includes extra fee)

​Course Schedule

[HCM] All day
26 (Mon) - 29 (Thur)
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