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Being an AST - Authorized SCA Teacher for both Arabica and Robusta, Caden has a lot of experieces in coffee also in training. He is founder, also director of D’codeS Coffee Lab & Campus in Hanoi - Vietnam's Capital. Throughout many years, Caden has guided many courses of SCA and UCEI. Caden always make many interesting workshop of coffee and join many national competiton as a judge. 


​These are some of his archive.

- Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Triner ( SCA AST)

- SCAE Sensory Skill Professional

- SCAE Brewing Professional

- SCAE Roasting Intermediate

- SCAE Barista Skill  Intermediate

- Intermediate SCAE Green Bean

- Foundation SCAA Barista LV 1

- SCAA Gold Cup Technician


- Coffee Quality Institute Q Arabica Grader


- Coffee Quality Institute Q Robusta Grader


- Judge of 2016 Vietnam Super Barista Championship


- Judge of 2017 Vietnam super Barista Championship


- Judge of 2016 Malaysia Barista Throwdown