​Course Overview

  • This course is designed specifically for those who have coffee business needs in general who do not have much experience, want more advice and get good suggestions for their current problems.

  • Unlike other D'codeS courses that focus on coffee, the quality of coffee, skills and knowledge of brewing ... This Cafe Setup 101 course focuses on business issues such as concept development. , select a location, human resources and there are many other solutions to solve problems when students want to start or plan to open a coffee shop.

  • With experienced instructors, business partner network and large number of trainees. D'codeS will give you the right direction on the way of business, by deeply exploiting, understanding the purpose as well as how to operate a coffee shop, minimizing risks.

  • Duration: 2 sessions - 6 hours

​Course Outline

(3 hours per class, 5 lessons in total.)

Lesson 1: Understand your ideas and goals:

  • A cafe with a bold personal mark or chasing customers' tastes, profitability or quality? What is the ratio of neutralization factors?

  • These are questions that not everyone with a business idea will be able to answer without surveying and not yet entering the actual market.

  • Therefore, at the first session, D'codeS will delve deeply into the idea and real purpose of each student's need to open a coffee shop, from which real business models can be produced. are on the market for matchers.

  • Besides concepts such as Concept, Location, Capital, Target Customer will be introduced to clarify the problem and principles and experience to solve these fundamental problems.

Lesson 2:  Concretize ideas - solve real problems:

  • With the idea, the capital, the specific purpose already exists. The first problem to be solved will be: how is the budget allocated? We will not be able to give you an answer on your behalf. 

  • Instead, other business models that are similar to the instructors' ideas and practical experience will help you get a more specific view and effectiveness of each option.

  • In addition, the instructors will also provide standard values ​​to contribute to building a better coffee community. Along with conveying more information about the business market, future trends to ensure all of the trainees' ideas can at least hold up and compete in the real market. Minimize risks in business.

  • At the same time will solve some of the practical difficulties that students are facing.

​Course Benefits

  • Help students understand the reality of the market and some business models in the market, go through the basic issues such as capital, location, management, and general principles.

  • Sharing experiences, working together to solve basic problems from the planning stage to the real business of students.

  • Participants will be aware of possible problems and risks in order to minimize the risks. Be oriented the right path for students' own ideas so that business activities are most sustainable.

​Course Schedule

Due to the short length of time, the course will start as soon as there are enough participants.
Please contact us for placement as soon as possible!

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