Business Planning for Coffee Shop


Owning a Coffee Shop seems great that you can enjoy a cup of  coffee in your own shop and invite your friend to your shop. Coffee shop business sounds romantic and easy. However in reality, there are a lot of coffee shop opened and closed in short time. Among a lot of competitors around, with many creative concepts, how can you sustain your business, how can you attract more customers coming to your shop?... Is it a good location, or good decoration, or drink quality, customer service, cleaning, price....? 

If you are still no idea how to open coffee shop, do not know how to overcome these problem,... our course will help you to have a total new perspective to a coffee shop business. With the support of experience expert, you can shorten the time to make your coffee shop stable.

Investing the value, experience and knowledge to learn from our experienced professional, you can save a lot to prevent from making mistake on planning & setup. This courses will save you much more money & time.

Course Outline

Duration: 6 hours per day. 8 days in total

Part 1 Business Conceptual

  • Business Idea & Cross over

    • Seed to Cup Fundamental to know the industry

    • Business concept brainstorming

    • Renovation Idea

  • Core Value Analysis

    • Business positioning

    • Core value

    • SWOT setting

Part 2 Finance

  • Marketing research

    • How to do marketing research

    • Figure to use in projection

  • Capital Investment

    • Budgeting & Financing

    • Equipment & brand study

  • Finance Projection

    • Projection of revenue and expenses​

    • Learning to use excel coding business tool

Part 3 Management

  • Quality Control​​

    • Learning sensory skill for product QC

    • Learning barista skill for operation QC

    • Beverage Recipe

    • Menu Design

  • Quality Assurance

    • Bar management

    • Inventory management

    • Human resources management

    • Daily operation management

    • Customer service

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