Coffee is a very dynamic industry. Making a cup of coffee is not easy. Behind it, there is a long story of many efforts delivered through the whole industry chain in different sectors. Specialty coffee gives a new definition for the dynamic coffee industry chain. It creates awareness and changes the way people consuming coffee.


In D’codeS, Specialty Coffee means high quality coffee that delivers a certain standard with trace-ability and transparency, creates more awareness and deliveries the effort appreciated from the upstream to the downstream. We never underestimate the market & consumers level and their understanding of coffee. We need to keep improving our self to understand the industry to delivery knowledge & educate both sides, two directions from the upstream to downstream.


We believe education is one of the great platforms that can help you to understand more about your target audience, product, raw materials, coffee business. Therefore, the series D’codeS Specialty Coffee Fundamental is one of the programs to help you, no matter you have or without experience in the coffee industry, to step in the trend of coffee and learn specialty coffee standards.

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