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Course Overview

At our Latte Art Intermediate Course, you will be strengthening your latte art skills with different styles such as: 

  • Traditional art shapes

  • Free-style shapes 

  • Tutorials, skills and tips for creating special latte art shapes as well as creating your own latte art.

These above assists you to develop yourself at work and acquire your reputation in competitions related to coffee. 


  • Trainees have to already know how to use coffee machine, extract espresso and whip milk. 

  • The fee includes ingredient cost

Course Outline

(3 hours per class, 3 lessons in total.)

Lesson 1: Knowledge review

  • Test and calibrate trainee’s milking techniques,  heart shapes, tulips and rosetta pouring. 

  • Point out trainee’s defects, guide and correct the steps if necessary

  • Evaluate of the shape of milk pitcher’s directions that are compatible with shaping purposes.

  •    Instructions for pouring standard milk in latte art.

Lesson 2: Understanding of the flow and shaping

  • The principles of good foundation

  • The foundation is different with each shape.

  • Practice making multilayer  tulips shape (6-8 layers)

Lesson 3:  Practice making Rosseta and Swan Latte Art 

  • Adjusting the flow

  • Practicing Rosseta and Swan Latte Art 

  • Practice making mini rosseta and multi-wing rosseta Latte Art.

Lesson 4:  Free-style latte art and how to check it 

  • Introduce the rules of freelance latte art competitions.

  • Introduction of milk, milk frothing temperature, foundation and position of latte art shape on a coffee cup.

  • Practice with two typical free-style shapes: the squirrel and the rabbit

  • Exam

Course Benefits

  • Understanding of the principles that make a good shape in latte art so that trainees are able to adjust and create their own personal latte art shapes. 

  • Acquire the knowledge of the rules of both domestic and international barista competitions. This makes yourself ready to take part in those competitions and gain your own reputation in the market. 


After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be provided with:

  • D'codeS Attendance Certificate

​Course Schedule

[HN] 6:00pm - 9:00pm
04 (Tue) - 08 (Sat)
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