While espresso machines with beverages in the modern Italian coffee menu are gaining popularity, hand-made coffee extraction with handcrafted tools has always had a foothold in the market. Through a long history of coffee in many countries, each place has its method of brewing to create its unique coffee flavor. Vietnamese people have Phin coffee maker; the French have French Press; Italians have Moka pot etc.


Brewing Foundation course- Coffee extraction skills with hand tools explain the physics and science behind extracting in each method. Classify and practice with different methods such as Aeropress, V60, Chemex, Syphon, Turkish, French Press, Moka Pot, and traditional Vietnamese Phin. Currently, on Youtube, there are many videos or instructional clips for making coffee with different brewing methods. However, coffee is always changing by various factors such as plant varieties, processing method, roasting, temperature, humidity, time ...  Many students learn by following videos on Youtube but results are not as good as expected. The course at D'codeS with interactive commentary - face-to-face discussions will help students understand the nature of the problem, thereby having the ability to customize the desired taste without depending on any recipes on any videos or clips. The course is suitable for everyone, as long as you have a love for coffee, or simply want to learn - systematize easy mixing skills at home or out.





This course is suitable for coffee lovers, home barista or barista who is currently working in coffee area.

This is the advanced course that suits to coffee  shop owner or anyone intending to open cafe, head barista, cafe manager, experience barista. 

- If you are new, don’t worry! you totally can join this course.

- If you love to join Essential  level but limited budget, you can choose to join Fundamental level first, and then, upgrade to Essentials level by only pay the amount difference  between 2 courses. 


  • Learning to get a better understanding of the basic extraction process and methods to brew with different equipment including Vietnamese traditional PHIN coffee.

  • ​​Learning about the relationship of extraction & strength to understand the basic control of coffee extraction. 

  • Knowing the impact of the grinder and the grinding speed size to the coffee quality

  • Equipping you with the necessary tools and information to gain a deeper knowledges of coffee brewing and extraction.

  • Learning how to scientifically measure coffee strength and chart a coffee’s Brewing /extraction

  • Learning how to analyze both brewed coffee and espresso, chart extraction and troubleshoot the brew to deliver a correctly extracted, well-balanced cup

  • Receiving a packet of information including detailed notes, brewing menus, and home brewing equipment advice and suggestions




Lesson 1

  • Basic extraction principle

  • Factors affecting the manual coffee brewing process

  • Classification of manual brewing methods


Lesson 2

  • Principles of ‘Gravity’ brewing method.

  • Coffee brewing with V60, Bonmac, Chemex.
    Practices and discussion


Lesson 3

  • Principles of ‘Immersion’ brewing method.

  • Coffee brewing with Aeropress, French Press, Cold Brew.
    Practices and discussion

Lesson 4

  • Principles of other brewing methods.

  • The art of using Moka Pot, Syphon, và Turkish.
    Practices and discussion

Lesson 5

  • Course summary and test.

  •  After the course, students are allowed to return to practice unlimited at D’codeS - Students actively bring their own materials for practice.

Day 1

  • Coffee Knowledge

    • Introduction to coffee

    • Coffee variety

    • From seed to cup

  • Brewing Research History

  • Brewing Process

    • Soluble solid in coffee

    • How brewing process happen and control

    • What is the ideal range of extraction

    • Strength & extraction


Day 2

  • Brewing method & equipment

    • Different brewing method

    • Different brewing equipment

Day 3

  • Brewing Guideline

    • Brewing ratio

    • Grind size

    • Time, turbulence, temperature

  • Other Aspect Of Brewing

    • Water quality

    • Filter method

    • Pressure

    • Storage of bean

    • Hot holding

    • Cleaning & maintenance

Day 4

  • Charting your brew

    • How to measuring the brew

  • Other affect to brewing

    • Roasting

  • Exam​

    • Practical exam​

    • Written exam

    • Discussion & conclude


  • ​Certificate of Attendance by D'codeS

  • SCA Brewing Foundation (extra fee) 

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  • ​Certificate of Attendance by D'codeS

  • SCA Brewing Intermediate (extra fee) 

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