Barista Camp 2018

Evora Hotel, Portugal

This is my first time taking part to join the Barista Camp by Barista Guild Europe & #SCA. I'm joining as assistant instructor for the #CSP #Sensory Intermediate. It's been a long time the coffee culture develop in Europe and Asia but both of the region is taking a slightly different path on development due to culture different. I'm happy to be part of this activity as a Asian perspective to sharing culture and experience. Everyone i met in the camp in very nice, we share a lot of coffee knowledge and coffee culture.

Congratulation for the students who pass all exam

During the sensory class practical, i realized food culture different creating a very different preference of sensory perception. This is why very important that we need to communicate and calibrate to be able to communicate the same language to describe coffee. We have 17 students that coming from different country in Europe, is a very good mixed combination of the class, student are coming from micro roastery, commercial roastery, barista, cafe owner and etc.

Sensory Intermediate student cupping for taste intensity

The only thing which i think we can have improvement is the time for courses need to increase and interactive of the camp need to be more integrated with other module. 10 hours for intermediate including lecture, practical & written exam is a bit too rush but luckily student are really work hard to study a lot of theory by themselves when they have free time. The activities of different module is a bit separated and since it is a camp and i think we should have more integrated to each other for the purpose of camp. Overall the organizing is well done and i will recommend to other people in future. See you again in the next camp!

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