Course Overview

The professional barista education pathway design by D’codeS base on the guideline of SCA & UCEI. This course is coverage the essential skill and knowledge to work as a barista. You will learn from some basic coffee bean knowledge (variety, condition of green & roasted) to practical skill (machine, menu, calibration) and customer service (hygiene, customer service and maintenance).

The whole course you will have enough time for practical exercise to make sure you can handle the basic skill and supporting with knowledge of barista skill.

Course Outline
(6 hours per day, 4 days in total.)

Day 1

  • Foundation Of Coffee

    • Know the bean variety

    • Coffee bean processing method

    • Condition of bean storage (roasted)

    • Important of coffee freshness & preparation

  • Bar & Workflow

    • Basic principle of workspace management

    • Workflow planning

    • Hygiene & maintenance

  • Know Your Tools

    • Coffee Machine & Grinder

    • Other tools which support for your work

Day 2

  • Grinding, Dosing & Tamping

    • Correct step to prepare dose before extract

    • Impact of mistake in every step

    • Important of calibration

  • Espresso Extraction & Sensory

    • Extraction theory

    • Espresso brew formula & brew ratio

    • Espresso flavor description

Day 3

  • Milk Technique

    • Know about the science of milk

    • Proper frothing technique

    • Milk hygiene & safety

  • Barista Menu

    • Understand about overall espresso beverage

    • How to prepare beverage in order

    • Coffee serving in right volume & method

  • Hygiene & Safety

    • Risk related to hygiene & safety

    • Managing risk

Day 4

  • Customer Service

    • Role of barista

    • Principle of customer service

    • Service recovery & complaint handling

  • Exam & Conclusion​

    • ​Practical exam​

    • Written Exam

    • Discussion and conclude

Course Benefits
  • Knowing how to make the perfect coffee related to full body, magnificent aroma, well-established cream and consistent presentation

  • Catching up the knowledges of frothing milk techniques, science of steaming milk, latte art basic

  • Building coffee recipe/menu

  • Perceiving espresso bar work flow

  • ​Being leant coffee bean storage as well as hygiene and customer service

After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be awarded:

D'codeS Attendance Certificate

Barista Skill Foundation (optional and fee apply)

Barista Skill Intermediate(optional and fee apply)



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