Course Overview

The roaster master education pathway design by D’codeS base on the guideline of SCA. This course is coverage the essential skill and knowledge to make experience as a roast master. You will learn from basic coffee bean knowledge (variety, condition of green like moisture, density) to some practical skills (proficient in machine, doing profile log) and using your sensory (visual, fragrance, sound) to control your roast.

The whole course you will have enough time for practical exercise to make sure you can handle the basic skill and conveying knowledge and experience from instructor to you.

Course Outline

(6 hours per day, 4 days in total.)

Lesson 1

  • History of Roasting

    • Different type of roaster

    • How do roaster and roasting change over time?

    • Current roaster type

  • Green and Roasted coffee transfer

    • Important of Green and Roasted coffee transfer in Operation

    • Type of Green and Roasted coffee transfer

Lesson 2

  • Know Your Tools

    • Roaster gauges and control

    • Get used to with roaster  

  • Roasting Process

    • Roast plan & profile log

    • Assess the Green

    • Sensory evaluate the stages of roasting

Lesson 3

  • Reaction & changes due roasting

    • Heat reaction in Roasting

    • The main categories of physical changes

    • Bean structure change

    • Chemical changes due to roasting

  • Roast defects & the cause

Lesson 4

  • The applications of cupping

  • Roasting safety & clean, maintenance & troubleshooting

    • Where is danger?

    • What needs to clean & maintain?

    • Managing roaster fires

    • Ventilation

  • Exam

    • Practical exam​

    • Written exam

    • Discussion & conclude

Course Benefits

  • Briefing knowledge of green coffee for checking humidity and error of green bean.

  • Knowing how to make Roasting Profile Form, how to store roasted records for controlling Roasting time, roasting temperature, heat transferring, bean developing.

  • Being summarized sensory skills as a basement for evaluating the quality of roasting batch.

After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be awarded:

D'codeS Attendance Certificate

Roasting Foundation (optional and fee apply)

Roasting Intermediate (optional and fee apply)



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