Course Overview

  • The roaster master education pathway designed by D’codeS is based on the guideline of SCA.

  • This course covers the essential skills and knowledge for an experienced roast master. You will learn basic knowledge of coffee bean such as variety, green beans condition like moisture, density), practical skills (proficient in roasting machine and make a roasting chart) and use your sensory (visual, aroma, sound) to control your roast.

  • During the entire course, you will have enough time to practice ensuring that you can handle the basic skills and gain more knowledge and experience from your instructor.

Course Outline

(6 hours per day, 4 days in total.)

Lesson 1

  • History of Roasting

    • Different types of roaster

    • The working mechanism of the roasting machine and roasting mode changes over time

    • Current roasting methods

  •  Green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans transformation

    • The importance of green and roasted coffee beans metabolism

    • Variations of green and roasted coffee beans

Lesson 2

  • Know Your Tools

    • Roaster gauges and control

    • Accustomed to roaster  

  • Roasting Process

    • Roast plans & profile 

    • ​Evaluate green beans

    • Sensory evaluation of all stages of the roasting process

Lesson 3

  • Reaction & changes due roasting

    • Heat reaction in roasting

    • The main categories of physical changes

    • Bean structure's change

    • Chemical changes due to roasting

  • Roast defects & their cause

Lesson 4

  • The applications of cupping

  • Roasting safety & clean, maintenance & troubleshooting

    • Where danger is

    • Which parts do we needs to clean & maintain?

    • Manage the heat level when roasting

    • Ventilation

  • Exam

    • Practical exam​

    • Written exam

    • Discussion & conclusion

Course Benefits

  • Summary of knowledge of green beans to check the moisture as well as the seed bug 

  • Know how to make roasting chart and roasting records to control the time, temperature, heat metabolism and the growth of seeds during roasting.

  • Practice tasting skills as a basis for assessing the quality of roast batches


After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be provided with:

  • D'codeS Attendance Certificate

  • Roasting Foundation Certificate (optional and includes extra fee)

  • Roasting Intermediate Certificate (optional and includes extra fee)

​Course Schedule

[HN] All day
30/05 (Sun) - 02/06 (Wed)
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