Course Overview

Sensory skills play one of the most important roles in coffee. This course is for people who want to learn how to develop the sensory ability and have a good foundation to step in the world of sensory not only coffee but to understand about your ability. Suitable for all coffee lovers, barista & business owners.

Sensory skills are the combination of 5 senses of human. It become more complicated based on different experience & backgrounds of different people. We design the course to help you to understand your ability and get start to develop it.  It’s a course which combines with class lecture, a lot of practical cupping with coffee, and other things like cacao & tea.

Course Outline

(2.5 hours per class, 5 lessons in total.)

Lesson 1

  • Introduction into Sensory

  • Overview of 5 senses and focus on sight, olfaction & gustation

Lesson 2

  • Understand about Gustation relationship with Taste

  • Understand about Olfaction relationship with Aroma

Lesson 3

  • Introduction to pairing  with Aroma & Taste

Lesson 4

  • Introduction to communicate with common language of sensory

Lesson 5

  • Practical & written exam

Course Benefits

  • Perceiving in the mouth five basic taste sensations

  • Establishing a common language for every aspect of coffee development and research, to foster an understanding the relationship between flavor and the other coffee factors.

  • Knowing the dictionary of coffee’s sensory attributes

  • Understanding about Gustation relationship with Taste

  • ​Understanding about Olfaction relationship with Aroma

After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be awarded:

D'codeS Attendance Certificate

SCA Sensory Skill Foundation (optional and extra fee)

Rebate credit transfer into Essential Course

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