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Course Overview

The sensory and cup taster education pathway design by D’codeS based on the guideline of SCA. This course is coverage the essential skill and knowledge to develop the relationship of your ability and how to manage them. You will learn the sensory skill anatomy (sensation & perception), learn to apply the skill (analysis of sensory information) and application of sensory skill (facility setup & system in use).

The course will help you to understand your ability better from a bias taster to objective taster. Help you develop your sensory in deep.

Course Outline

(6 hours per day, 4 days in total.)

Day 1

  • Theoretical Principle Of Sensory Analysis

    • Know about sensory analysis

    • Why this is so important in coffee

  • Physiological & Sensory Attribute

    • Physiological

    • Psychological

    • Anatomy

    • Aroma, taste, flavor & tactile

Day 3

  • Cupping Session And Calibration

    • Key terminology & sensory vocabulary

    • Cupping form taxonomy

    • How to use cupping form for quality scale

  • Cupping System

    • Different cupping system

    • Why is important for standard protocol

    • Communication of result

Day 2

  • Triangle Test

    • Purpose of setup

    • How to do statistical analysis

    • Other alternative method

  • Cupping Protocol

    • SCA cupping standard

    • Cupping terminology

    • Core equipment of cupping

Day 4

  • Sensory Application In Business

    • How to setup sensory panel

    • How to screening taster

    • Setting up cupping room

    • Design best practices

    • Calibration for the panelist

  • Exam​

    • Practical exam​

    • Written exam

    • Discussion & conclude

Course Benefits

  • Understanding the cupping skills as well as the basic knowledge of coffee flavor.

  • Identifying faults of coffee bean's flavor through stages such as roasting, processing (dry, wet, honey), grinding

  • Being trained with Le Nez Du Cafe Relevant 36 Aromas of coffee

  • Understanding how the brain and senses work to take initiative perception the sensory and cupping taster skills


After Class

After you pass all the exam, you will be awarded:

D'codeS Attendance Certificate

Sensory Skill Foundation (optional and fee apply)

Sensory Skill Intermediate (optional and fee apply)

​Course Schedule

[HN] All day
28 (Wed) - 01/05 (Sat)
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