​Course Overview

  • Is the longest and the most intensive course at DcodeS in the F&B service industry in general and the Barista profession in particular.

  • Barista Master 101 is suitable for all those who want to become a professional barista, intending to study abroad and find part-time jobs, or all coffee lovers and plan to open a bar in the future.

  • The course will provide all the theoretical knowledge about coffee beans, how to prepare, taste, calibrate, coffee machines, shape latte art, and standard manipulation of a barista. Students will have hands-on exercises for teachers and teaching assistants.

  • In addition, we will ensure to provide internships, which are in various famous coffee shops, to provide a realistic environment for students to have better understanding the profession.

  • Duration: 2 Month- 31 session (3h/session) & 300 hours of Internship.

  • More than 70% of the program duration is practice


Người chưa có kinh nghiệm

  • You are young and seriously want to join the F&B industry in general and the Barista industry in particular

  • You will receive formal training from international standard theory to hands-on exercises.

  • After the study program at the center, you will get an internship in the real environment, ensuring you a solid start on the barista career path.

Người đã có kinh nghiệm

  • You are an experienced barista, have gone to work but still have not got the desired position, can not have a style, do not understand the cup of coffee you are doing.

  • Want to work in a more professional environment.

  • This program will foster basic to advanced knowledge, so you can gain more confidence, build your personal style, take barista certification exams, or international self-affirmation competitions.

Người muốn kinh doanh quán cà phê

  • You are planning to open a coffee shop in the future.

  • Want to be able to build menus, beverage recipes, train, staff training, adjust, evaluate drinks, and the shop's machines according to their own style.

  • This program will help you understand each type of coffee, machinery, and service skills thanks to carefully researched investment modules.

  • This program is especially suitable for those who really want to pursue the professional barista path from inexperienced to experienced, just passionate, love coffee, barista profession. And for those who have a desire to work in large corporations, restaurants, hotels, and high-class cafes.

​Course Outline

(3 hours per day, 31 sessions in total.)

Part 1:  Tasting skills.

  • Learn about tasting theory. Standard tasting methods combine with the practice of manipulating the senses to perceive flavors and scents.

  • In order to expect students to describe the taste of food, drinks in general and coffee in particular. From there, better understand the difference between each cup of coffee, the aroma, the original taste, the coffee's physicality, the after-taste ...

  • This module will be a fundamental knowledge for students to better understand the cups of coffee they will brew later and be able to adjust the recipe, build the recipe to best suit their needs or. create a distinct personal style.

Part 2: Understanding the beans

  • Following the skill of tasting, after distinguishing the general types of coffee, new students began to delve into the origin of each type of coffee. Specific characteristics of each coffee growing region to understand the difference in taste in each different coffee.

  • Presenting ways to preliminary processing coffee material. How to turn a green coffee bean into a cup of coffee is provided to the customer. Combining analysis of important factors in coffee preliminary processing will affect the quality of coffee.

  • Help students have a more general view of the source of ingredients, from which they can choose the right coffee for each type of recipe and use.

  • Going through the current coffee business market, difficulties, advantages and trends are taking the throne in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Present a general picture of the market and expert judgment in the short term.

  • At the end of the course, there will be a coffee bean theory test and an essay on students' thoughts about the current coffee market so that they can timely supplement and discuss and propose strategies.

Part 3:  Introduction to the coffee roasting process

  • It is a basic stage and has a lot to do with the quality of coffee in the preliminary stages of processing.

  • Participants were introduced to popular coffee roasting methods, important factors in the coffee roasting process such as temperature and time.

  • In addition, participants also learned about the structure of the coffee roaster, heat transfer principles, as well as measures to ensure the safety of the roasting area.

Part 4: Principle of extraction

  • Students were introduced to the most popular extraction methods available today. Go from the most basic principles like submerging coffee to pressing coffee under pressure.

  • Students also were introduced to coffee hand-brewing methods, approaching various types of equipment to extract coffee (V60, chemex, kalita, phim, syphon,...)

  • In addition, students will be provided with basic recipes, such as mixing time, grinding size suitable for some drinks. Then, self-analysis and adjustment of factors of pressure, temperature, grinding size ... for each type of coffee bean, so that students find out the "suitable" formula. In order to want students to better understand the types of coffee they are using by applying the theories in the previous sessions, finally moving towards the "initiative" of each student in coffee extraction to produce the the best cup of coffee, not just memorizing the recipe.

  • The international standard manipulation during the extraction is also one of the factors this module focuses on. Hand manipulation, standing posture, how to use standard tools ... will help students get productivity and certain benefits.

  • In addition, the operating principle of the tools will be integrated with teaching in the module. In order to help students adjust themselves, make the most of the tools and clean and preserve them well.

Part 5: Service and management skills of barista

  • Introduce different types of coffee machines, operating principles, usage, calibration and cleaning, and proper maintenance of each machine.

  • Provides background knowledge about Espresso such as: recipe, grinding size, quantitative and time compression. The international standard for assessment of Espresso. Tasting Espresso, deeply calibrated and evaluated with the ultimate aim of creating a "proactive" trainee based on a solid knowledge base.

  • Learn the theory of the principles of milking, the methods of milking and the influence of the factors. Practice whipping, proceeding to adding more basic drinks like Latte.

  • Basic Latte Art will be covered in this lesson. Students will be able to shed basic shapes such as hearts, rossetta.

  • From the basic drinks and the ability to "actively" adjust the trainees, we will provide the basic principles so that students can build the best beverage menu on their own, aiming to become Top barista has the ability to manage and operate a coffee business model.

  • In addition, this module also goes into depth and the process of serving and working in specific spaces, certain rules must be understood in the F&B industry in general and the coffee business in particular. So that students will have the most professional attitude and way to handle problems.

  • Rules for bar hygiene, personal hygiene, barista's role, position, shift, and crisis management skills are all covered in this module. 


(300 hours)

With the wish that students can really start working as a professional barista right after the course ends. We have combined with the current leading coffee business units to create a realistic rubbing environment that ensures professionalism and ensures the most fair supervision and evaluation. efforts and qualifications of the trainees.

Coffee businesses that incorporate D'codeS currently include: 

  • Habakuk

  • Infusion

  • ​Viet Aroma

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Depending on the student's needs and wishes, D'codeS will assist in arranging an internship at one of the above facilities for 2 months (with salary support).

During the internship, students will receive instruction from D'codeS instructors, Bar chief and store manager.

At the end of the internship process, students will need to make internship reports to get a certificate and letter of recommendation.

Instructor team

With the research and investment of the entire faculty from D'codeS. This comprehensive barista training program will be taught by all D'codeS current lecturers and tutors.

Students will be exposed and worked under the guidance of the most veteran Barista in the industry, there will be no limit of knowledge if you want to learn and exploit from our faculty.

A team of trainers of barista training program comprehensive - in-depth:


Lead Instructor

Authorized SCA Trainer

 Q Grader & R Grader

10 years experience in coffee industries. Focus on Sensory Skill, Extraction & Barista.

In-house instructor

 Q Robusta Grader

Focus on Sensory Skill, Extraction & Barista. 

In-house Instructor

Certified SCA Roasting & Sensory

Q Arabica Grader

One of the experienced barista in Hanoi. 1st runner up of VNSBC & experience in other competition.

In-house instructor

Focus on Barista & Latte Art.

Program Benefits

  • Help students understand about the F&B industry, especially the coffee business in particular . Have a more general view of the barista industry, role and position and master his own career path.

  • Students have a solid background in coffee, methods of preliminary treatment, processing, extraction, barista, and serving. Combined with the ability to taste, and correct, students have the ability to proactively handle problems and manage their work in the most professional way. 

  • After the program, students have the full knowledge and proficiency in the skills, understand the pace of working in the real environment and can immediately embark on a job in professional environments right away. instantly.

  • Orientation for students with a "proactive" mindset and professional manner, ready to become the top barista.

After Class

After passing all the tests, and the internship period you will be provided with:

Certificate of Attendance D'codeS course

Barist Skills Certifications (additional charge)

Letter of recommendation from D'codeS

Internship certificate of internship unit


​Program Schedule

[HN] Top Barista comprehensive training program  -  19/04