26 - 28 March 2019

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Jason assumes that coffee development is very potential and many things to discover. Within next 5 years, he expects to have more experience in roasting, researching and processing...more>>

Malaysia Barista Champion


Being a IT with passion for coffee, Sk Leng is the one who make a lot of important research about coffee for many famous coffee magazine as BeanSence (Australia), Thrist and Flavors ( Malaysia) X... more>>

Constant Gardener Coffee


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Caden always remain his passion in coffee with Sensory. He is very hunger for learning new knowledge. All the time, he chases a "good taste" espresso with flavor clarity and stable... more>>

Director of D'codeS



a professional training from master​

TRAIN THE TRAINER is a special training programe about coffee. 

Last year 2018, in October, "Train the trainer" course happened in Ho Chi Minh City with many good impression, to change people's thinking about coffee. 

This time, March 2019, in Hanoi, "Train the trainer" will be hosted by 3 instructors: SK Leng, Caden and Jason. This is a big oppotunity for students who wants to dive deeper in coffee. The course focus on Flow rate, Pressure, Espresso Profile & Flavor Clarity. 

Sensory & Flavor Clarity

Sensory skill is the foundation to perceived information for your coffee. In this section, we will talk about sensory ability and what is flavor clarity. We will discuss about where’s aroma and taste of coffee come from? How we develop it through farm-processing-roasting-extraction? What is high quality flavor? What is flavor clarity? How do we calibrate and justify?

Flow Rate & Pressure Profiling

Most of the people know espresso must extract with 9 bar pressure. But there’s a very important issue that generate pressure, not only come from water pump, but also the coffee cake resistance with the flow rate of water. Combining with all these element and we are able to analyse espresso brewing recipe more accurately and this is what we call pressure profiling(flow rate profiling). Even 1 gram of different flow rate / sec able to change the flavor in your cup.

Espresso Calibration For Flavor Clarity & Body Tactile

Espresso is a beverage that using high pressure extraction and you have your coffee with golden crema on top. What is the definition of a good cup of espresso? Let’s our special guest speaker Jason to tell you about a good cup of espresso. In the competition, scoring are looking at the flavor clarity description and good taste with body and tactile. Let Jason to show you how and what is the secret behind.

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"Train the trainer is an amazing course. It changes people's thinking a lot. Thanks SK Leng and D'codeS Coffee Lab & Campus"